The way people interact in urban spaces starts as a personal motivation and is initially a result of observation in different contexts, but especially in my own hometown. Later in this thesis the result of this observation is delimited as a problem, narrowed on the access to public transportation and the public knowledge in San José, Costa Rica.

Using PT has environmental benefits and there is even a study suggests that the level of access to public transportation may be beneficial to our mental health, as a factor that improves productivity and self-sufficiency (Melis, Gelormino and Marra 14911). Of course this depends of different other factors like social and economical and it is not the purpose of this thesis to solve PT problems, but to provide users with a tool to improve their experience.

As a designer and interactive designer, I study solutions where the actions and their particular responses are noticeable and, hopefully, enjoyable; by understanding the nature of the problem and the context. The next image is a diagram at a glance of the problem and the thesis.