Thesis proposal

Thesis Statement

A mobile app for social networking can enhance the users’ trust in public transportation.

A case of study: San José, Costa Rica


While moving around in a city using public transportation, the information about this service is created through dynamic interaction in subtle and complex ways, but it is usually not available to users. A proposal to share and visualize this information can help them to take better decisions.
The main aspiration of this project is to create a social interface to deliver this information and help commuters on public transportation in San José, promoting personal trust, empathy and responsibility.

Updated on Feb 9, 2016.



Social norms for online networking for environmental awareness can result in more involved participants.


In communities, information is created in subtle and complex; however, it isn’t always at hand for locals. Social interaction tools can actively support this public knowledge in the context of environmental awareness. I can’t stop CO2 production or waste, but I can hopefully get people to talk about it in a respectful relationship.

The substantial expectation for this thesis is to prototype an application that allows users to share their own pro-social lifestyle, explore local sites, add their thoughts or suggest new places; all supported on theory about attitudes, and social norms.

Updated on Jan 26, 2016.


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